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Gua Bao is a hot steamed oyster shaped bun with various yummy fillings inside. Originally found in the night markets of Taiwan and a popular street food. Chaboba Wembley offer's Slow Roasted Pork Belly and Roast Duck filling. Vegetarian options available. Our gua boa's are freshly made and prices start from £2.95



Pan fried Dumplings is a popular snack made from a pastry parcel with yummy filling. Part streamed, part pan fried. Popular flavours include chicken and prawn. Vegetarian options include Vegetable and Spicy Kimchi. All served with a dipping sauce. Prices start from £1.95




Steamed Buns are a popular snack in the far east. The fluffy white dough is steamed at high temperature in a special bamboo made tray. The popular flavours include Char Sui Bun (Chinese BBQ Pork), Gai Bun (Chick, Prawn & Pork mix) and Custard Bun. Prices start from £2.00 for 2 pieces.