Authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea in London


Chaboba specialises in Bubble Tea (a tea based beverage) where ‘bubbles’ can be found at the bottom of the cup. Bubble tea is normally consumed using a fat straw, big enough for the bubbles so you can chew the bubbles and drink at the same time.

We offer refreshing authentic Bubble Tea from Taiwan (the birthplace of Bubble Tea) where we use specially imported equipment and ingredients for making our beverages.

What does ‘Chaboba’ mean?

'Cha' means tea in Chinese and 'Boba' is one of the names given for bubbles usually found in Bubble Tea.

Come and visit our store either at Camden Town or Wembley, and watch our Bubble Tea baristas make your perfect drink. Everyone’s first bubble tea is always a memorable drinking experience. We have many flavours to suit everyone!